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About the Festival


The KPU International Music Festival is one of three educational arts festivals produced by the Kiwanis Fraser Valley Music Festival Society. The organization was founded in the Spring of 1999 and became a non-profit society and registered charity in 2001. It was supported by three area Kiwanis Clubs until their recent dissolution.

The Society has always been a partner of KPU’s (Kwantlen Polytechnic University) Music Department. Their Langley Campus has been the main venue for our festival events since 2000.

As the last of the sponsoring Kiwanis Clubs folded, KPU graciously stepped in as the new title sponsor.

Over the past two decades, the number of entries has steadily increased. We host more than 6,500 participants, more than 10,000 unique visitors and record more than 20,000 person visits each year. For many years, we have been one of the largest annual events in the Langleys and are one of the largest educational performing arts festivals in the Province.

The festival is a member of Performing Arts BC, the Federation of National Music Festivals and MusicFest Canada.

Objectives of the Festival

Our Mission is

  • to support and foster music education through bursaries and scholarships
  • to give participants the benefit of expert criticism from an unbiased adjudicator
  • to help participants acquire self-confidence by performing before an audience
  • to provide performance opportunities for participants both at the festival and in the community throughout the year

We do our best not to turn anyone away and try to find sponsorship for those individuals and schools needing help in order to attend.