Classes are divided into those for Adults (19+ Years) and Youth (18 Years & Under).
Registrations due: February 8, 2019
Rules and Guidelines (English)         Rules and Guidelines (Chinese)
Bands and Orchestras - Adults
Bands and Orchestras - Youth
Woodwinds and Brass - Adults Woodwinds and Brass - Youth
Chamber Groups - Adults Chamber Groups - Youth
Choirs - Adults
Choirs - Youth
Composition - Adults Composition - Youth
Guitar & Harp - Adults Guitar & Harp - Youth
Mixed Ensembles - Adults Mixed Ensembles - Youth
Piano - Adults Piano - Youth
Strings - Adults Strings - Youth
Voice - Adults Voice - Youth
Chinese Instruments - Adults Chinese Instruments - Youth

For information on the Speech Arts and Drama syllabus
please visit www.VanSDF.com


The Kiwanis Fraser Valley International Music Festival will provide the following equipment:
All Solo and group performers: Grand piano, music stands, chairs
Choirs: Choral risers, lectern
Jazz Bands: Sound system, technician, drum kit, bass amp, guitar amp, lectern
Concert Bands: Snare drum, bass drum, 4 tympani, orchestra bells, xylophone, gong,
1 bass amp, 1 guitar amp, grand piano